Hi Brandon. Obviously, you’re our Brand Ambassador, but what’s your day job?

I’m a professional showjumper working as part of the Al’Shiraa Farms UK Team where I help produce and bring on young horses. I’m passionate as well about British breeding so I also run my own business, ‘Lovely Sport Horses’, breeding my own horses to produce and sell. 

Clearly you’re passionate about horses and about your work. What does a typical day for you look like then?

Typically, I wake up at around 5.20am and start my day by washing my face with ink dip, followed by ink drop to keep me hydrated and will dab ink spot on any spots or redness that’s starting up. I’m originally from South Shields but brought my breeding horses down south with me when I started working with Al’Shiraa so first thing, Vivienne (my miniature Pinscher puppy) and I feed and hay my own horses. Then we’ll head over to Al’Shiraa Farms to ride for them from 7.30am until 4.00pm (I do try and stop for lunch in between if I can, Vivienne insists on it!).

After that, it’s back home to ride some of my own horses and put them to bed. I often teach riding classes in the evening and sometimes go to the gym as well, before heading home for dinner, a bath and some wine (well, not too much wine, because I’m an athlete and I’m cautious on diet!).

Wow, that’s what we call busy. You seem to work outdoors a lot so what’s your skin like? Have you suffered from any skin conditions?

Absolutely. Working outside, my skin gets very dry in the winter but usually stays more balanced in the summer. I naturally have combination skin and get slight redness on my cheeks. I also suffer from stress blemishes on my cheeks and sometimes around my riding hat line. 

What’s your experience using ink products been like? How do you feel about being our Brand Ambassador?

I’ve been blown away by ink. It really has been life changing for me. I don’t get blemishes using it, I don’t get dry skin anymore, it doesn’t feel heavy on my skin at all….I love that!

All the products fit easily into my hand luggage when I travel and they look stylish sat on my bathroom shelves. I think, above all, I love what ink stands for.

I’m proud to be an ambassador because I was a customer first and know the products actually do work, so I can confidently promote them with the proof being just how much it’s helped my own skin.



You can follow Brandon as he continues to compete professionally at home and around the world: