Not perfumed. Not coloured. Just kind.

Sound familiar?

Renowned US dermatologist, Dr Zein Obagi, says advertising is brainwashing us into believing we need to cleanse, tone and moisturise twice a day. Every day. He’s adamant that the skin’s needs are basic and universal: clean the pores, remove dead cells, balance the oil and prevent dryness. That’s it.

One of our largest organs, our skin is 22 square feet (that’s a whole 2 square meters) of a waterproof, yet permeable, insulating shield that guards us from the extremes of our environment, exudes an anti-bacterial substance that prevents against infection and makes its own Vitamin D to convert calcium to bone. On top of all this, it renews itself 100% every five weeks or so.

Clever isn’t it?

And it does all this naturally, thank you very much, without us trying to bugger around and intervene.

Dr Obagi insists we need to prevent dryness by activating the skin cells’ natural abilities to renew itself and restore natural vitality by using moisturising and antioxidant products that work on the cellular level: products like hyaluronic acid, vitamin C and CBD.

Moisturiser, he says, only works topically. He insists it’s really only necessary when, for example, you work in an air-conditioned environment that’s super-drying for skin.

The rest of the time, ‘you’re killing the skin slowly’.

In other words, we need to be using fewer products, more effectively.

‘Love the skin you’re in’.

Indeed. 🌱