what makes us different


hopefully, our commitment to ‘less is more’.

you won’t find a million different products that seem to do a million different things (all of which you want or think you need) in the ink range. we think that’s wasteful and disingenuous.

CBD’s our secret weapon so we only offer a select number of simple, multi-benefit products that look after your skin in a way that harnesses it’s own natural ability to rejuvenate. these products are organic, vegan and suitable for everyone.

we reckon there’s way too much packaging in the world already. less packaging is most definitely more ethical, so we keep it all minimal and sustainable.

but recycling alone isn’t enough we reckon, so our postal boxes and filler aren’t just recyclable, biodegradable and compostable but we're hoping to persuade you to re-use it all elsewhere. 

ink wants to encourage you to make fewer, more ethical and mindful skin care purchases not only to reduce waste and consumption, but to add positively to the environment. come and join us!