frequently asked questions

who is this product intended for?

we created ink specifically for everyone.

we’re all about ‘less is more’, so it’s a gentle range of skincare products that can be used on all skin types.

CBD really ticks the box when it comes to healing so it’s perfect for irritated, stressed out skin. we don’t discriminate and neither do ink products - absolutely anyone can use our products and feel clean and confident.

can I find your products in stores?
not yet. but we’re working on that. we’ll let you know when and where as soon as we can.

are your products vegan?
our hero products are. we prefer it that way.

are your products gluten free?
absolutely. doesn’t mean you can eat them though.

what are your products made of?
we only ever 100% naturally derived ingredients in ink products, and every ingredient in our products has a purpose in the formulation - whether it’s the ingredient's properties itself (like the CBD) or the ingredient is being used as a carrier (like the natural essential oils used for smell).

ink CBD products are formulated using only high quality Swiss CBD: we’ll never compromise by choosing low CBD hemp seed oil.

the full ingredient list for each ink product is on this website where you can read more information about each product’s contents.

do your products contain microbeads?
no. and they never will. there’s really no excuse for using them.

are your products organic?
the majority of them are. ink dip isn't, yet, but we're working to change that

how do I know if I have allergies to your products?
due to being 100% natural, our products are gentle on sensitive skin. as with any product however, if you have known allergies then it’s best to check out the ingredients list before using.

remember: it takes a couple of weeks for skin to settle into a change of skincare routine. patience is key.

do your products use any preservatives?
our products use natural preservative systems such as vitamin E, essential oils and other natural oils. we don’t use any synthetic or artificial preservatives in our products.

are your products suitable for sensitive skin?
yes. ink products are suitable for all skin types.

what is that symbol that looks like a jar with a number in it?
that refers to the number of months the product stays fresh once it’s been opened.