Aimee Johnston

Aimee Johnston is our ink brand ambassador.

20 years old and she’s already a full time tight head prop at legendary Scottish Premiership Women’s Rugby Football Union club, Hillhead Jordanhill. She was even named captain for the 20/21 season - that’s how talented she really is.

When Covid appeared in early 2020, Aimee was also a member of the U20 squad for the Scotland Women’s national team, so she’s definitely one to watch in the world of professional women’s rugby.

A brilliant example of what resilience, hard work and focus can help a young adult achieve, ink is proud to sponsor Aimee at Hillhead Jordanhill, and delighted to call her our brand ambassador.

“Honestly, our training and match schedule is tough through the winter months. We play (and sweat!) in all Scottish weathers: snow, rain, wind…it’s all harsh, and that’s just punishing on my skin. It suffers, definitely.”

”But ink’s products are bloody amazing…I, legit, don’t think my skin has ever felt so soft and it’s clearing up so much!”

”Just try them…seriously, you won’t be disappointed.”