why CBD?


for this we’ll need to give you a bit of the serious info but, actually, we reckon the question ought to be: why not CBD?

cannabidiol (CBD) is a natural compound derived from the cannabis plant. yes, that one! but it’s been shown to have some amazing properties which give it a range of benefits when used on the skin:

  • powerful calming (anti-inflammatory) and stabilising (antioxidant) properties making it helpful in tackling existing blemishes or calming flare-ups on spot-prone skin (that’s one way to calm the nerves)

  • soothing properties that help calm sensitive skin that’s prone to redness or reactivity (yes, tick)

  • the ability to decrease excessive sebum production so, with consistent use, it can help with spot control (fewer spots, yes please!)

  • moisturising properties that keep the skin hydrated and elastic making it useful for keeping your skin looking fresh, young and healthy (no one wants to grow old quickly right?).

CBD’s a total secret weapon. 

    and just in case you’re wondering..... THC is responsible for the ‘high’ that people may associate with cannabis. our CBD skincare is most definitely THC free so the only ‘high’ you’ll feel will be the natural one from feeling good about yourself.