simplicity is the
ultimate sophistication.
(leonardo da vinci)

less stuff, less work, less expense = more money, more time, more happiness.

ink keeps it simple but significant: we make uncompromising skincare.

why CBD?

“my face feels so much smoother!”


“for this to work so quick is really impressive”


“I’ve never used a cream that cleared my skin up so quick!”


we keep it simple but significant

ink makes skincare not compromises

Brandon Lovely

ink Brand Ambassador

We’re very pleased to introduce Brandon Lovely, ink Brand Ambassador.

Successful, hard-working, diligent, passionate and engaging, Brandon’s philosophy of life is as admirable as his keen eye for skincare that delivers results. That’s why he also happens to be an enthusiastic member of the ink customer club.

Catch our conversation with him in our blog to find out more of who he is, what he does, and what he has to say about skincare.